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Fall leaf disposal in a responsible manner in Billings



Billings, Montana – Residents are urged to properly maintain their yards and to avoid disposing of any rubbish on the public streets when the fall foliage falls over the Magic public.

“It can create some big problems down the line,” said Kyle Foreman, the Billings Solid Waste Division Superintendent.

“Leaves can get the storm drains clogged, or the snow melts just fine, but then we have a bad rain storm, and the drains are flooded.”

The Billings Solid Waste Division is attempting to make it easier for those who need to dispose of any leaves by setting up leaf pickup locations throughout the city.

“We expect quite a few people are going to take advantage of the nice weather right now, and try and dispose of it all before the winter weather kicks in,” said Foreman.

Visit the Billings Solid Waste Division for additional details regarding yard waste disposal.













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