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Family Service welcomes new Development Director



Billings, Montana – Felicia Burg, the organization’s new director of development, joined Family Service recently.

Burg worked for Family Promise, another charitable group that helps individuals in need in Yellowstone County, for eight years before she joined the Family Service team.

Burg claimed that because she experienced hardship as a child, being able to help people who are currently in need keeps her going. She claimed it was incredibly rewarding how Family Service accomplishes this by offering things like food donations and assistance with rent and utility payments.

“My zeal to keep going is from helping others and watching them get better and then they go out and help others and it’s really this ripple effect throughout the community that starts with one act of kindness, and one person or organization stepping up to help somebody in need, and then I see it so often that they turn around and they help somebody else and it just keeps going, and that’s what makes a strong powerful community.” said Felicia

As defined by Burg as being strengthened by service, this ripple effect. She stated that when demand increases, Family Service will be available to individuals in need of assistance.

“The need is growing so rapidly, and to be able to come to this organization and keep up with the need, that’s our goal, and that nobody is left behind. That’s where I think I can thrive in my new position just helping us keep up with the pace of what’s happening in our community. we don’t see an end in sight, it’s not going to go back done for a while, so we have to increase the services we already provide to reach everyone that needs it,” Burg said.


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