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Fears raised by a drive-by gunfire that struck the wrong residence



Billings, Montana – At around 8 p.m. on Saturday, Billings Police responded to a drive-by gunshot that occurred in the 1000s block of North 24th Street.

Neighbors in the vicinity report that at least one house and one car were struck by at least three gunshots. The incident resulted in no injuries.

The householders shared some details about what they heard and saw, but they preferred to remain anonymous due to safety concerns.

“We heard gunfire and then we heard a loud ‘tink,’ and that’s when we could tell that a bullet had hit our house,” the homeowner said. “You don’t expect it in your neighborhood in Billings.”

The homeowner continued, saying that regrettably, there has been an increasing pattern of gunshot incidents in Billings.

“I think that’s the biggest thing for us is when you start having drive-by shootings, you realize that there is a real problem here,” he said.

Austin Rysavy, the neighbor next door, heard the gunfire and was just as terrified.

“I don’t even think anywhere in Billings is a very safe neighborhood anymore,” Rysavy said. “When you start hearing them directed almost at you, it is quite terrifying.”

Although neither Rysavy nor the homeowner thought the shots were intended for the house across the street from them, they were both relieved that no one was hurt.

“Thankfully, nobody was injured at the very least,” Rysavy said. “Property can be replaced but you can’t replace people.”

Nonetheless, they both concurred that Billings’ crime rate has been alarmingly rising.

“It seems to be a lot of young people that are involved in this,” the homeowner said. “And that to me is very problematic and needs to be fixed.”

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