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For 2024, City College is offering free advanced automobile classes to women



Billings, Montana – Following the success of last year’s program, the City College MSUB will offer free, hands-on automotive training to women beginning in the upcoming academic year to teach them how to maintain and repair their cars.

With the help of a grant, City College held four beginning automotive classes for women last year, giving them a hands-on introduction to the engine and transmission of their vehicles.

An advanced session has been added for the following year, in which students will bring their cars into the lab to identify important components. The goal of these courses is to assist students in learning about electrical, fuel, and exhaust systems.

“We are continuing the intro classes this year but adding those advance classes with them too. It will help students to learn where’s the air-filter is, where you check your oil, what are some maintenance items that are special to their cars,” explained Kat Pfau, an Automotive Instructor at the City College MSUB.

Pfau explained that she wanted to create a setting where women felt safe asking questions and working on their cars when asked why these workshops are only available to women.

“We drive our cars every day and we use them every day. I think in our industry, we’re scared to ask some of those basic questions. So, for something that we use every single day, we really need that information or have the confidence that we can ask somebody some of those basic questions about our cars,” added Pfau.

Mother-daughter participants Tracy and Sophia Mcluskie, who took these sessions last year, reported that they were quite helpful in helping them feel at ease in their own cars.

“This class will help empower you and it’s going to give you the basic knowledge that you need to drive your car and understand what’s under the hood. It’s going to make you feel more comfortable to even talking to your service technician. It’s valuable to learn this information as you go throughout life and I’ll be able to know this is what’s happening with my car and this is what I need,” emphasized the Mcluskies’.

Women of all ages are welcome to attend the workshops, which will take place on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm.

Three introductory seminars at City College MSUB are scheduled for February 24, March 30, and April 20. January 6 and May 11 will be the dates of their advance sessions.

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