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Frank Borman, a Montanan who flew NASA’s lunar orbit, passes away in Billings at the age of 95



Billings, Montana – NASA confirmed the death of astronaut Frank Borman on Tuesday, Nov. 7, in Billings. Borman was part of the Apollo 8 crew that circled the moon ten times in 1968 before returning home to Montana. 95 years old.

Along with fellow astronauts William Anders and Jim Lovell, Borman led the Apollo 8 mission.

“It changed not only my life but the lives of my family,” Borman said in 2018. “All of a sudden from a test pilot and a fighter pilot, one of thousands. All of a sudden we were one of a few people that had been to the moon. So there was a dramatic change.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Borman joined Eastern Airlines as an employee after leaving NASA and eventually rose to the position of CEO.

Later on, he moved to Billings and owned a ranch in Custer.

The Wall Street Journal claims that Borman passed away at Billings Clinic after suffering a stroke at a retirement facility.

Borman was hailed as a “true American hero” by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

“Frank knew the power exploration held in uniting humanity when he said, ‘Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.’ His service to NASA and our nation will undoubtedly fuel the Artemis Generation to reach new cosmic shores,” Nelson said in a statement.

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