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Fundraiser for the Deer Lodge animal shelter includes a puppy kissing booth



Deer Lodge, Montana – Who wouldn’t want to give a puppy a kiss? A fundraiser was held at the P.A.W.H.S Animal Shelter in Deer Lodge as a final push for the annual community spay and neuter clinic, which is scheduled for July 8.

“The numbers that are coming in for the cats and the dogs are about double of what they usually are. The expense of living has really soared to a high over the last couple of years. We see that even in the grocery store, you know the dog food costs, the cat food costs. All of that is on the rise. So I think that’s why there’s such a drive for this community clinic,” says Autumn Hobley, P.A.W.H.S Animal Shelter.

A puppy kissing booth, a chance to play with kittens, and a chance to read to River, a crippled animal whose surgery was funded by community donations, were all included in the event.

According to Hobley, River serves as a reminder to the general public that adopting a pet with a disability is not a barrier and that the animal may still lead a full life.

“He raises spirits where ever he goes and, yes, being an amputee is not a death sentence by any means. There’s always more to do. There’s just a change of focus, a change of opportunity that can even be bigger and better,” says Hobley.


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