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Fundraiser held in Helena to help family who lost their home



Helena, Montana – The Helena Indian Alliance conducted a taco fundraiser to help an elderly couple whose home was destroyed in a fire just before the holidays.

“I believe that it’s important that our community members know that they’re supported, and especially our elders,” said Jason Mcnees, a peer support specialist for Helena Indian Alliance.

The taco fundraiser’s goal, according to Mcnees, is to earn about $1,200 to buy a trailer for the family, who lost their house on Nov. 10. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

“Get it hooked up to sewer and electric, so they have somewhere you know to be, right back on their property at their home,” Mcnees said.

According to Mcnees, helping the family in raising funds brings the community together.

“Losing something like your home and all your possessions, there’s really no way to replace that without a community raising funds to assist them with that,” said Mcnees.

In a few weeks, the Helena Indian Alliance will assist the family in cleaning up the property, and Mcnees believes that is exactly what the organization is for.

“The idea is to help them rebuild the best we can,” said Mcnees.

The fundraiser included tacos and a shake-a-day game for attendees.

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