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Gallatin County Republicans issue a since-edited event invitation that warns of “peasant families”



Bozeman, Montana — This week, an event invitation from the Gallatin County Republicans group caused some controversy because it warned of the perils of “peasant families,” who the invitation claimed were “looking for free stuff.”

Since then, the invitation has been modified, as the Montana Democrats pointed out in an email. That email claims that the initial Lincoln-Reagan Dinner invitation from the Gallatin County Republicans read as follows: Illegal aliens, made up of young men from China and Middle-Eastern countries are arriving by the thousands every day to do whatever they choose. It is only a matter of time until some “community organizer”, a young marxist perhaps, begins to organize these various ethnic groups into factions with “grievances” to petition the courts and to control the streets with rioting. We have such a group right here in Bozeman MT.

Insolvent peasant families seeking handouts are destroying our healthcare and educational institutions. Their expenses are covered by you.

The original invitation goes on to say, “The Marxist Biden regime doesn’t care what you like or what your opinions are,” and claims President Biden is “only a mouthpiece for a politburo of Marxist and trans crazies.”

Since then, the post has undergone extensive editing, with several terms deleted, including “Marxist” and “peasants.”

We also got in touch with Rep. Jane Gilette, Rep. Jedediah Hinkle, and Finance Chairman Troy Miller from the Gallatin County Republicans. We have not received a response from the Gallatin County Republicans’ main office, despite our calls and emails.

Regarding the post and how Gallatin County can go in the approaching election, we got in touch with the Gallatin County Democrats.

Gallatin Democrats Chair Julia Shaida said, “I was disturbed to learn that this was the approach of our County Republicans. The way forward is to recognize our common values and concerns.”

“Blaming immigrants and using insulting language about immigrant families will not get us to where we need to go. It is a distraction, but it is also wrong. The CBO just came out with a study stating that illegal immigrants contribute 12 billion dollars in taxes each year. Immigration is a net gain to our economy. The name-calling here is terrible but also childish. Let’s be adults and let’s use respectful language,” Shaida continued.

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