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Going to the Sun Road fully open



Tourist are eager to hit the road and see the views as Going to the Sun Road is finally opened.

“I am extremely excited, so I’ve been stalking the Glacier National Park website, the road status page, just to determine how the plows were coming along with the clearing and so forth,” says Ai-Lene Liang.

Liang is a Los Angeles resident and visiting National Parks became her hobby lately.

“I try to visit at least you know, four or more parks per year, and Glacier has always been on the bucket list,” Liang said.

According to park officials, it was time to open the scenic route as the last inch of snow was removed.

“The minute it was ready, we swung the gate,” said Gina Kerzman, Glacier National Park spokeswoman.

Visitors started to come as they opened the road at 6 a.m.

“Constant steady stream of visitors and with the road being open, we do anticipate that that number of visitors will continue to increase,” Kerzman said.

The opening came as a special surprise for some of the visitors.

“We’re going home tomorrow, tomorrow morning, so this was perfect, could not be more perfect,” says Jaime Schrum, from Kansas.

“It really felt like the first day of Christmas maybe?” Liang said.

According to Kerzman, more tickets for Glacier’s National Park Going to the Sun Road ticketed entry system will become available.

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