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Granny’s Donuts gets recognition in Bozeman for its 5-star service, creating memories, and fostering a sense of community



Bozeman, Montana – Recently, Granny’s Gourmet Donuts received attention for its 5-star Yelp reviews, but the owner says that the ones with the most negative feedback can have the most impact on his business.

“It’s nice to keep the quality up, it’s nice to get the positive good, but sometimes it’s the bad reviews is what you need to hear. So recently someone notified me that he didn’t think the donuts tasted as good as it should,” said Granny’s owner Robert McWilliams. “So I looked at what I was doing, and I changed some things and called him up, and he tried them and they’re good again.”

Since 2001, McWilliams has been the owner and operator of Granny’s Gourmet Donuts, providing the neighborhood with donuts. With Montana State University only a few blocks away, McWilliams claims that many hungry students stop by his door for a sweet treat before class.

According to reports, Granny’s is much more than just a donut shop on campus. Locals stop by to pick up a dozen of their favorites, while visitors from out of state drop in for a meal to start their vacation.

“This is not just a donut shop, this is a community, and it’s a community of nice happy, fun, interesting people. It has been a privilege,” McWilliams said. “I really enjoy seeing them and serving them, and being in the Bozeman community, and making Bozeman a better place, and I think Granny’s does that.”

McWilliams stated that Granny’s frequently cooks and sells about 6000 donuts on a busy weekend, such as Cat-Griz, Parents weekend, or graduation. He continues by expressing his gratitude that the team’s output volume has not had an impact on the quality.

When customers visit Granny’s and reflect on past experiences made in the doughnut store throughout the years, it holds personal meaning for McWilliams.

“I particularly enjoy the stories about people who are talking about how they remember what it used to taste like, so talking to someone who is a little older, they can taste the donut and it reminds them of their youth and that’s really nice,” McWilliams said.


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