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Group in Helena gathering blankets and towels to warm the less fortunate



Helena, Montana – To help Helena’s less fortunate residents stay warm, Warm Hearts is gathering brand-new blankets and towels.

Since 2018, the charity has been gathering blankets and towels over the entire month of January.

“Bobby started talking to people she knew in different organizations,” said Linda McCray, from Warm Hearts. “I think it was God’s Love who first said blankets and towels and then we asked if people needed them. We did a lot of talking the first year we did this to find out who and what was needed.”

On Valentine’s Day, they give them to various social service groups, such as God’s Love and Florence Crittenton.

The initiative began with a donation made at random.

“I just took some little blankets, or single bed blankets up to God’s Love for the people upstairs there, for the kids that were living there and we got the nicest little thank you note for the wonderful blankets. That they felt warm and loved,” said Bobby Lavinder, from Warm Hearts.

Towels, washcloths, bath towels, and blankets are needed at approximately twelve donation locations in and around Helena.

The majority are situated in places of worship, such as St. Helena Cathedral.

“It’s been received extremely well. When we go to churches, they get it right away. So that’s really nice,” McCray said.

In 2023, Warm Hearts was able to provide 225 towel sets and 140 blankets to those in need.

“Thank you to the community. It’s been overwhelming and we’re only halfway through the drive. Helena is so wonderful so supportive and so caring,” said McCray.

The deadline for donations is January 28, 2024.


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