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Helena Christmas light repair



Helena, Montana – In addition to jewelry and other oddities, Barnes Jewelry in Helena offers an almost endless selection of clocks for sale, and their staff is skilled at fixing almost everything.

“This store does a lot of things. It’s not just watches clocks and jewelry — it could be a sewing machine, could be a toaster or walking sprinkler,” said owner and horologist Marvin Hunt.

Hunt brings out something special for the holidays about this time of year.

Hunt restores and maintains vintage Christmas lights; in fact, he still has some that his grandparents formerly had.

“These Christmas lights have been my fantasy my whole life. The reason I collected them is because when I was a kid I got underneath the Christmas tree and moved all the lights around. And these bulbs get hot and my fingers got burned. So my mother forbid me to touch these lights,” Hunt recalled.

These days, Hunt repairs these lights, most of which are out of production, to fulfill his interest.

“Every year you get a new memory, you know, and then it brings back a lot of old memories too, you know, especially when you pull out a set of Christmas lights that was on your grandparent’s tree and you’re still using it.”

Hunt stated he would be pleased to look at any vintage lighting in your home that might be fixed.

Weekday hours for Barnes Jewelry are 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at their downtown Helena location on Last Chance Gulch.


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