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Helena College finishes its salon in preparation for the incoming class of students



Helena, Montana – In January, Helena College will welcome its inaugural class of cosmetology students.

“This is where they’ll do all their hands-on and practical theory learning,” said Robyn Kiesling, the Executive Director of General Education and transfer at Helena College.

The area has undergone comprehensive remodeling, renovation, and redecoration.

Before moving to the airport campus a few years ago, it was known as the Fire and Emergency Services bay.

To enhance the number of students each semester and the range of services offered, they erected a second floor.

Learners will gain knowledge in hair, skin, and nail care.

This covers everything from haircuts to basic facials, hair removal, color services, and artificial and gel nails. It also includes make-up, manicures, pedicures, and artificial and artificial eyelashes.

The program consists of four consecutive semesters that last for 15 months.

Students will graduate with an Associate of Applied Science degree, be halfway through a Certificate of Entrepreneurship, and become licensed cosmetologists.

Individuals have the option to proceed with finishing that certificate.

The program will accept fifteen students each spring, summer, and fall.

On December 11, applications for the first group will be accepted.

To apply, a student must already be accepted or have applied to Helena College.

In Montana, this is the first public cosmetology program.

“We’ve been researching and looking at cosmetology as a possible option for about a decade. About three years ago we made the decision to actually invest in and create the program,” Kiesling said.

Licensed cosmetologists are in high demand in Montana and the neighboring states.

“Industry partners have really just been said that there’s a very high need for cosmetologists and we’ve been working with them to shape our program, grow our program, and make sure it’s going to be meeting the workforce needs,” Kiesling said.

The Salon will be open to the public in April.

Tuesday through Saturday, under the guidance and supervision of licensed cosmetologists, students will provide their services.

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