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Helena offers pedal pub trolley tours of its breweries



Helena, Montana – The newest brewery tour in Helena lets visitors pedal from the meeting spot at Lewis & Clark Brewing Co. to other breweries in the city.

The nicest thing about it, as you may know, is that although they didn’t know each other at first, they ended up becoming best friends. Everyone looks to be having the time of their lives. According to Toby DeWolf, proprietor of Bert and Ernie’s Pedal Pub Trolley, “I have yet to have anyone get off this bike and say that wasn’t the best time they’ve had in a long, long time.”

The Bert and Ernie’s Pedal Pub Trolley is now providing rides and a low-intensity workout throughout the summer and for as long as the wonderful weather lasts, for everything from bachelor parties to team building activities to just a fun evening out.

Participants pedal their way through Helena to several breweries, requiring at least six individuals and as many as 15. Starting in Lewis and Clark, the brewery tour travels to Ten Mile, Blackfoot, Ascension, and then returns to Lewis and Clark. People are also permitted to carry their own booze on the trolley.

The proprietor of the now-gone Bert and Ernie’s started this original perspective on Helena. According to DeWolf, this concept existed even before the restaurant was sold.

“You know, Bert & Ernie’s has been around in Montana and Helena for 50 years, and it’s still a typical kind of gathering. Why not carry on in that direction then? It also works. It just seems to fit, you know? And it’s actually a lot more enjoyable. And people seem to like it. Everyone’s face smiles when they see it. DeWolf adds, “It’s also good to see the neighborhood out and truly waving, grinning, and joyful.

And that’s exactly what passengers on the trolley were doing.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to exercise and consume alcohol simultaneously, this is pretty much it. You could probably do it on your home bike, but Brad Ouldhouse, a pedal beer trolley participant, claims that this is far more enjoyable.

Participant in the pedal pub trolley, Crystal Curry, says, “The weather is perfect, the vibe is perfect, and we’re having a great time.”

“The response is very entertaining. It’s only halfway there. Although there is a party on board, you know, there are still waving and honks and everything else. I think it’s very cool,” Ouldhouse says.

The trolley also provides a tour of historic Helena. You can sign up online if you want to drive around town pushing the pedals.

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