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HRDC inaugurates a brand-new food bank in Bozeman



Bozeman, Montana – At last, the culmination of years of planning and building is here as the HRDC opens its brand-new facility.

“This is a one-time investment that the community made that we’re going to have forever, and the whole community can use it,” says Jill Holder, director of food and nutrition.

The project’s $9 million budget was funded in part by grants and donations from the local community.

“The benefit to the community is to know that we have the capacity to meet the food insecurity needs in the community, for the next 30 years. If we plan appropriately, we’ve built the safety net infrastructure to take care of our community,” says Heather Grenier, HRDC President and CEO.

She emphasizes the expansion experienced by the food bank and HRDC. The number of meals served daily at the pay-what-you-can eatery Fork and Spoon has increased from 60 to over 100.

“Now with the production kitchen, we could pump out thousands of meals a day if we needed to,” Grenier says.

The food bank, now known as Market Place and other HRDC services are available in addition to the newly renovated kitchens and the Fork & Spoon restaurant.

“We knew we could do better, and we have done better. So, it’s exciting to think of all the things this building will be moving forward,” says Grenier.

This building will greatly improve the HRDC’s ability to fight hunger and provide more residents with access to the services that they require.

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