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In Big Sky, the Yellowstone Club introduces “Montana’s ‘First’ Recycled Snow-Making Project”



Big Sky, Montana – The ‘First’ Recycled Snow-Making Project in Montana has commenced, as the Yellowstone Club released an announcement yesterday. According to the Yellowstone Club, the use of reclaimed water to cover Eglise Mountain with a base layer of snow has been approved by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MTDEQ).

Although there were some challenges in obtaining MTDEQ permission for this recycled snow-making project last year, it is now finally moving forward. The goal of the project is to increase summertime late-season cold water inflows into the Gallatin River.

“We’ve been involved for over a decade collecting data and all the data points to this water being very beneficial to the water supply of the Gallatin River and will ensure that our future generations are able to enjoy the river as we do today,” said the Gallatin River Taskforce’s CEO.

This project not only represents a significant accomplishment for the Yellowstone Club, but it also serves as a model for sustainable water use in outdoor spaces.

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