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In Red Lodge, a bear enters a work van



Red Lodge, Montana – After finding a bear in the driver’s seat of his work van in Red Lodge on Friday morning, Mark Charlton had anything but a typical day at the office.

That bear left its mark and imparted valuable knowledge to Charlton.

Although it may appear beautiful from a distance, wildlife can occasionally be too close for comfort.

“The first thing I heard was my car honking,” said Charlton, who owns Charlton Remodel and Restoration. “I heard something. Then I came out, and the bear popped out.”

Charlton, who works for a client in Red Lodge but resides in Billings, came into an unwanted visitor in his work truck while he was there on Friday morning.

“I was nervous,” Charlton said. “I went back inside.”

Fortunately, the homeowner arrived to help.

“I called my homeowner and he came out and honked his (horn),” Charlton said. “(The bear) was in there for almost an hour.”

The bear eventually continued, but not before finishing his feast.

“(The bear) ate all of my lunch and everything,” Charlton said.

Now that he is in bear country, Charlton understands the value of rolling up his windows and securing his doors.

“(My windows were rolled) all the way down. That’s the reason why he crawled inside. We were close in town too, I didn’t expect that,” Charlton said. “Everything is fine now. At least I’m okay. Roll up the windows and maybe lock the door.”


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