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In the home finale, Rocky pays tribute to the dead teammate



Billings, Montana – The Battlin’ Bears played their first home game after Chandler Stalcup, a student at Rocky Mountain College, tragically lost his life a few weeks earlier. with their teammate’s memory weighing heavily on their minds.

Rocky’s final home football game of the season is usually emotional because it’s the team’s senior goodbye.

However, everyone’s attention was focused on a freshman in the season finale.

“We’ve banded together, there’s been tough days, there’s been crying, there’s been laughing, there’s been stories, there’s been everything. Throughout our whole program. So, we’ll just keep going day by day, but he was a great one,” said Rocky’s head football coach, Chris Stutzriem.

Chandler Stalcup, a freshman defensive lineman, was shot and died in his automobile on Saturday, October 28, while returning home after a house party with a friend.

Teachers and fellow students adored the Florida native, who was eighteen years old.

“He’s the type of kid that always brought a smile to your face. The things that he brought every day; hard work, dedication, and he comes from a phenomenal family. We hit a home-run with him,” added Stutzriem.

Before the game, the Bears honored Stalcup with a moment of silence.

The squad suffered more than just a great loss with his passing.

It had an effect on the whole campus.

“It happened very early in the morning; we all got an email from the Dean saying that something had happened…. As time went on and we found out, unfortunately, the news of him passing, it just was very sad,” said Rocky Freshman, Alex Coumou.

“He had a very big presence, even not knowing him personally. It was really hard just knowing he’s not here anymore,” added Rocky Freshman, Noelle Grudzinski.

The day following Stalcup’s death, a vigil was held on campus in his honor. Students reported that the entire school is affected by his loss.

“A lot of teachers will dismiss class early or pause and go ‘hey, we’re about to talk about gun violence’, or something like that. Or just stop class or say ‘you’re more than welcome to leave’. I had a few of my finals get put online instead of in person because so many people have missed class the last few weeks,” said Rocky senior, Mollie Watson.

According to Coumou, the tragedy has brought the entire university together.

“After it happened it just showed how tight the community can be. Whether that was the vigil they held for him and the memorial service, or just kind of everybody being able to embrace each other,” added Coumou.

At Rocky, they honor Stalcup and the legacy he left behind.

“He left a lasting impression on this program and throughout this school with what he did every day. That’s why I wish we were able to be around him a lot more because he was a special young man. And so, his honor will live on, day after day here,” said Stutzreim.


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