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Lack of employees in Billings Parks and Recreation Department



Billings, Montana – Billings Parks and Recreation Department employs over 100 workers, mostly high school and college students, for seasonal jobs every year.

They are struggling to fill the positions like: lifeguards, park attendants, camp counselors and concession stand workers. Officials added that these positions are paid from $11.50 to $16 an hour.

“We’re working on getting (the pay) up, as new budgets come in, we can hopefully do that,” Kory Thomson, the superintendent of recreation says.

The swimming pools open on June 9 and the summer camps and the parks start on June 7. They are still in shortage of workers as deadlines approaches.

“We’re still looking for about 10 more lifeguards… we’re looking for about 10 more camp counselors… and are short about 20 park maintenance workers,” Thomson says.

The superintendent of recreation Kory Thomson added that the department will continue employing people throughout the summer, but if the positions aren’t filled in a short time, they would have to reduce services.

Anyone who is interested in applying for the seasonal jobs needs to visit the city website. Many full-time positions and flexible hours are offered by the department.

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