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Lame Deer school superintendent suspended



Lame Deer, Montana – Teresa Keel, the superintendent of Lame Deer School, was placed on paid leave after the school board meeting on Thursday evening.

About three hours passed during the meeting.

Parents had complained to Keels that she was accused of spraying an aerosol substance on a student, which put her under investigation.

There was just one item on the agenda: “Status update on a filed complaint involving an incident between a student and the School Superintendent and possible action involving the Superintendent and the investigation process.”

Following a brief period of public comment, the meeting was adjourned due to concerns regarding the student’s privacy and a personnel problem involving the superintendent.

Before it, the board heard from a few people, including family members.

“It hurt me to see my granddaughter in pain,” Clementine Seminole said to the board. “I don’t know why something wasn’t done the day it happened.”

After that, the meeting entered an executive session, which was closed to the general public.

Keel had stated earlier in the week that she was unable to comment due to legal advice.

According to the girl’s family, Keel sprayed something on the 12-year-old.

“All I know is my daughter got hurt,” said Myron Seminole. “And that hurt me. It hurt my mom and my dad too. I’m standing my ground. I’m still waiting to go in to get a better understanding of how to go about it.”

“We’re trying to get through this,” said Ambrose Seminole, Sr., the girl’s grandfather. “We’re getting our (grand)daughter help, counselor that comes down here. Every time she tries to come to school, she gets a stomachache or a headache. Seminole, Sr., an investigator will also be enlisted to examine the situation.

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