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Leaders of the UM student sections are prepared to bring the energy to Texas



Missoula, Montana – The University of Montana’s student section leaders are referred to as the Zoo Crew. This weekend in Frisco, they will be present at Griz events, contributing their enthusiasm and vitality to the match. Students predict more students to attend the game because they were thrilled with the Griz turnout in Texas thus far. Their objective is, well, to replicate some of their customs and game-day activities, but in Texas.

“We’re here to be the hype squad for Um. So, we’re going to all of those events, hyping people up in our bibs and just spreading the Griz pride,” said Molly Keller, one of the leaders.

“You can tell that this is going to be one of the best gameday experiences that I have personally have ever experienced just with all of the stuff that’s going on. All of the people there, how hyped-up people are to be here,” said another leader, Dominic Demario.

The amount of visiting Griz fans the students had observed in Frisco thrilled and slightly surprised them. They commented that seeing Montana represented elsewhere other than Missoula has been cool. The Zoo Crew will not let up when it comes to their loudness during the game, and they will attempt to cause as much mayhem as they can by jumping offside.

The team seems nervous in a few places. James Deacon hopes that although everyone else’s anxieties are calm, his aren’t. The Zoo Crew expressed gratitude to the UM Alumni Association for their assistance in getting them to Frisco. Now it’s up to the kids to live up to the anticipation.


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