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Lodge Grass guardians address the board with concerns



Lodge Grass, Montana – Parents and guardians who were concerned gathered in front of their school board and recounted multiple incidents of their children being mistreated in school.

Parents claimed that staff members were doing nothing to stop bullying of some pupils. However, several parents punished their children in reprisal because they believed that certain staff members harbored grudges against guardians.

Parents felt there was no valid reason for students to be excluded from extracurricular activities and to be punished academically.

In addition, parents I spoke with questioned how a teacher could assign poor grades to their children when it was purported that the teacher lacked certification to teach the subject.

Additionally, some Lodge Grass residents claim that certain staff members and children at the school have received preferential treatment as a result of familial links in the administration.

During the three minutes set out for non-agenda matters during the board meeting, these concerns were expressed again in person after being put in writing and handed to the lodge grass board of trustees.

The board members expressed gratitude to the people who attended and voiced their concerns.

However, for several in attendance, this board meeting is simply one more instance of the trustees’ lack of attention.

“Three minutes isn’t near enough to express our concerns,” an anonymous parent said, adding that since parents and guardians elect the board of trustees, they should make it a priority to act in their children’s best interests.

To address problems that some of their children encounter daily at school, guardians in Lodge Grass currently need to wait for their school board to take action.


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