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LOVE Billings March taking place Saturday, hopes to promote unity and humanity



BILLINGS, Mont. — The LOVE Billings March will take place Saturday at 1 p.m. and will be 1.1 miles long.  The march will start at Stewart Park and end at Rosebud Park.

Event organizer Rosebud Madinger says the goal is to stand united in humanity and to promote unity. The acronym LOVE represents Live Out Valuing Everyone. Madinger goes on to say the purpose of a march is to represent marching towards a better future.

With recent events sparking protests and marches worldwide, Madinger is hopeful this march will help bring the Billings community together.

“I’d really like to see Billings rally around differences and diversity and not say “I’m color blind” or “I don’t see that” because we do need to see those things because their valuable, they’re not bad, they’re not bad things to be different,” says Madinger.

Signs will be handed out with various messages such as “Everyone is Valuable,” “Unity is Diversity,” and others.

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