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Make a donation to Billings Public School to reduce your taxes



Billings, Montana – Donors can receive a tax credit equal to the amount they gift to their local school district, thanks to the Innovative Educational Program Tax Credit, which is run by the Billings Public School (SD2).

Donations made last year via the tax credit scheme enabled SD2 to buy robotics equipment for every middle school.

Students at Ben Steele Middle School are thrilled to get the chance to work with the newest and most sophisticated robotic technology, according to science instructor Kim Busch.

“Last year, some of the cortex equipment was aging out. We weren’t going to be able to keep using it. The tax credit money funded new cortexes which are amazing. They are digital and they take analog. We can do so much more with the kids and so all the middle schools in Billings were able to get some new cortexes. So that they can all have that opportunity,” added Busch.

First come, first served, the Treasure State will accept tax credit entries totaling up to $5 million for 2024. Dollar-for-dollar tax credits won’t be offered after the donations exceed that amount.

Donations generated through the initiative the next year will assist SD2 in balancing the cost of college with job possibilities for students in 2024.

On January 17, 2024, at 10 a.m., checks in the amount of up to $200,000 can be made. The donor will receive tax documentation as soon as the school district receives the check.

It’s an opportunity that both individuals and corporations may access.

Get a thorough explanation of tax benefits for contributions to qualified education.


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