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Man arrested in Helena on suspicion of truck theft



A 50-year-old Billings man was arrested in Helena on suspicion of using a stolen vehicle in a theft from a storage unit.

Ronal Dean Nelson is charged with two counts of felony theft and one misdemeanor count of obstructing a public servant.

On Jan. 2, a Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to North Oakes Street for reports of a theft. The complainant told the deputy that a customer from his storage unit facility informed him a blue Chevrolet Silverado had stolen items from her storage unit. The complainant followed the vehicle from the storage unit to a local hotel.

The deputy contacted the complainant while en route to the hotel. The complainant identified a second vehicle parked next to the pickup. The complainant also said he had witnessed the defendant get out of the truck and speak to a man in the hatchback. The complainant also gave a description of the defendant.
The defendant and another male briskly walked away from the deputy at the scene. The defendant and the other male were ordered to stop but ran back into the back door of the hotel.
The deputy searched the hotel before noticing the defendant leaving the scene. The defendant continued to attempt evading the deputy upon being given orders to stop, but was later detained.

The registered owner of the vehicle was contacted by the deputy. The vehicle was identified and the owner was unaware that it was stolen, as it was a company vehicle. The vehicle was valued at more than $5,000. The defendant was also charged with being in possession of a stolen license plate.

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