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Meat giveaway to take place at Billings Heights on July 3rd



Billings, Montana – Veterans will receive a special surprise for the Independence Day celebrations. On Saturday, July 3rd, the Veterans Meat Locker will hold a meat giveaway at the Billings Heights.

The Veterans Meet Locker is an organization made up from veterans that provides free, processed wild and domestic meat for veterans and their families. Till now, the organization have done many meat giveaways across the state.

Great Montana beef, bison, elk, and pork meat is offered at the Veteran Meat Locker giveaway. It will take place on July 3rd at 2376 Main St. in the Heights (Up by Bull Mountain Grill) from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.

If you are a service member, no matter your discharge, branch, era, deployed or not, Reserves or National Guard, you qualify. All family members of service members qualify as well. Please bring proof of service (DD-214, VA card, any paperwork showing you served or are related to a service member). REMEMBER that this is not a handout but rather a thank you from awesome hunters and ranchers throughout Montana.

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