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Mental health of youngsters impacted by mask arguments at home



Billings, Montana – We looked at the controversy surrounding School District 2 Superintendent Greg Upham’s decision to make face masks optional at the start of the school year, and how arguments at home may be adding unneeded stress to your child.

Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch CEO Mike Chavers says he is seeing unprecedented referrals for service.

They’re seeing a lot of youngsters that are stressed, anxious, and depressed. Parents bringing mask arguments home, according to Chavers, is part of the problem.

Chavers wants to remind parents that their children look to them as a rational voice, regardless of which side they are on, and that they should never be caught in the middle of debates.

“Listen and support them, sometimes there aren’t answers for this stuff, it’s just being there, being with our kids through that process and let them know somebody cares, and in the end they’re going to be ok,” said Chavers.

Chavers also encourages parents to treat our instructors and educators with respect and understanding. He claims they play an essential part in children’s mental health and need our support.

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