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Montana Department of Transportation keeps track of traffic accidents across the state



Billings, Montana – Multiple traffic incidents have been reported around the Treasure State on Wednesday morning, according to the Montana Department of Transportation.

Montana Area

• According to MDT’s 511 road report map, a commercial vehicle crash is obstructing both lanes near mile-marker 24, 1.50 miles west of Junction, on I-94 westbound east of Billings. Peakeys Pillar, Montana Secondary 568-Exit 23. There is ice and patches of frost on the roads.
• A commercial vehicle collision on I-90 eastbound at Laurel is obstructing all eastbound lanes. MDT reports that traffic is being rerouted through Laurel. This is 0.50 miles west of the intersection of the Interstate 90 Business Route and Laurel, exit 433, at mile marker 433. This road has patches of frost and ice mixed in with scattered snow and ice.
• There is a car accident on Montana Highway 200east near Jordan that is obstructing the path at mile marker 248 at Junction Montana 24 North. This area’s roads are covered in blowing snow, ice, and snow.
In a Facebook post, the Billings Police Department announced the implementation of the “slick streets” policy, which prohibits police from responding to non-injury situations.
“We kindly request that you drive very carefully and allow extra time to get to your destination. Please travel carefully as the roads are quite ice. We kindly request your patience during your travel as our street department is trying to fix the road conditions as well,” the BPD posted on Facebook.

Area of Livingston

On I-90 east of Livingston, the passing lane is blocked by a two-vehicle collision at mile-marker 352, which is located 0.25 miles east of Felton Lane (Exit 352) and one mile west of Springdale West (Exit 350).
This location has patches of ice and snow on the roads.

Bozeman Region

• A car is in a ditch at mile marker 25, 1.75 miles east of Junction Montana Secondary 411-Bozeman on S-205 west of Bozeman. Snow and ice are sporadically present on the roads.
• A car crash is obstructing the passing lane on I-90 eastbound close to Three Forks. Mile marker 280, 2.25 miles west of the intersection of Montana 2 and Montana Secondary 205-Three Forks-Exit 278, is where the incident is located. This location has patches of ice and snow on the roads.

Butte Region

At mile marker 98, 1.25 miles south of Moose Creek-Exit 99, on I-15 south of Butte, a spun-out semi-truck is obstructing the driving lane.
Snow and ice are sporadically present on the roads.

Area of Great Falls

A disabled car is obstructing the exit 277 ramp on I-15 southbound in the Great Falls region.
This is one mile south of Great Falls International Airport, Exit 277, at mile marker 277.
Ice and snow are present on the roads.

Idaho/Montana border

One lane is blocked by a disabled car on I-90 east of Lookout Pass, near the border with Montana and Idaho.
Mile marker 1 is where this is situated, 0.75 miles west of Lookout Pass-Exit 0.
Road conditions include roads coated in snow.



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