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Montana Food Bank Network holds “Feed Montana” Campaign to help fight hunger



The Montana Food Bank Network is holding a month-long campaign called “Feed Montana” in an effort to fight against hunger in Montana.

According to the Montana Food Bank Network, 1 in 10 Montanan’s struggle with with hunger and that number has increased this year due to the pandemic.

The campaign is a competition between Montana businesses and groups.

They are hoping to raise $75,000 in the month of September. The donations will also help with food sourcing and distribution.

The Networks Events and Communications Director, Taylor Flores, said they are seeing the impacts COVID-19 is having on families.

“A lot of our bigger food banks and food pantries have seen a 200% increase on families coming in and different families and there’s just a bunch, there’s huge changes going on,” Flores said.

She added that giving money instead of food is the best option this year because of COVID-19.

“Our warehouse staff has to individually sanitize each item and with all of the work they’re already doing, we would not be able to add that on top of their plate,” Flores said.

In 2019, the Food Bank was able to distribute 2,830,546 pounds of food, and hope to distribute even more this year.

“We just want to make sure they do feel the love and that they are able to have a good holiday,” Flores said.

Businesses and groups can still sign up for the competition.

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