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Montana FWP is hiring a game wardens



Montana – Most of us rarely see anyone connected to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) other than game wardens, unless we happen to drop by one of their offices.

Although the FWP’s law enforcement division is primarily comprised of wardens, its responsibilities extend well beyond that.

“Game wardens do a little bit of everything from catching criminals and protecting wildlife and state lands, and that way as well as helping with wildlife management, you know, dealing with wildlife conflicts, traveling around to different areas of the state, and really serving the public and that public trust resource here in Montana,” said FWP spokesman Morgan Jacobsen.

According to Jacobsen, a successful warden must be in good bodily and mental health. They must also be proficient communicators and love being outside. He adds that this is the right career choice if you’d like to accomplish something different practically every day.

“There’s so much that encompasses the life and work of a game warden that it’s one of the most, has the most variety of so many jobs out there,” Jacobsen said. “Again, it’s just a tremendous opportunity if you have a passion for wildlife. If you have a passion for protecting wildlife and public land and serving the public and enjoying being outside, this is a terrific career.”

Applications are still being accepted for FWP through January 1st. For more details on this, the most visible position in all of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, visit the job listing online.





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