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Montana tattoo parlor is providing flash tattoos with a Valentine’s Day motif before the holiday



Billings, Montana – Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and Megan Begger, the owner of Octopus Ink Art Studio, is doing flash tattoos with festive themes.

For less certain clients, it offers tattoo possibilities, according to her.

“They see it and think, ‘man, that’s what I’ve wanted, but just didn’t know how to bring it out on paper,'” said Begger.

The tattoo artist claims that getting a tattoo can be a therapeutic release.

“Tattooing is a delicate thing. People release a lot of emotion when they’re getting tattooed … some think that the pain, kinda, brings out, maybe, some emotions they’ve been holding up,” said Begger.

When couples decide to get matching tattoos, those feelings can be more traditional, but sometimes Valentine’s Day tattoos symbolize life lessons discovered through heartbreak.

“Why did I get a tattoo before Valentine’s Day? Because I’ve had a lot of love lost,” said Haleigh Westman, who received one of Begger’s holiday flash tattoos.

Many of her clients, according to the proprietor of the business at 2201 Grand Avenue, view their tattoos as a means of empowerment.

“Some people might not have the best experience with love and they want to kinda represent that on their body as a reminder that self-love is there for them, instead of, maybe, finding it externally,” said Begger.

Valentine’s Day-themed flash tattoos are available at Octopus Ink Art Studio through Friday.


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