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Montana woman making homemade mask



BILLINGS, Mont. — One Montana woman is doing everything she can to help her community through the COVID-19 crisis.  RoseAnn Stahl is cutting, sewing, and ironing homemade masks using elastic and cotton material.  She says this activity is not only helping those around her, but it’s also giving her and her helpers something positive to focus on.

“It’s just to help people talk about something else, the good in it and it’s just to help out.  There’s not a lot we can do but it’s just something small that will be able to help I guess,” she says.

She says there are quite a few other colonies near her making more masks, and so far they’ve donated hundreds to Lewistown Hospital and health clinics in her area.  RoseAnn says it takes 10 to 15 minutes to make one mask, but she says if you have a system, it works pretty fast.

The masks aren’t sophisticated enough to use in the operating room, but RoseAnn says they can help prevent people from touching their face and spreading germs.

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