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Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado residents of Verizon having trouble with their service



Billings, Montana – There are reports of Verizon service problems in the Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado regions.

Customers who have reported getting weak signals on their phones but being unable to make calls have had this validated by local Verizon staff. In addition, some users have claimed to see “SOS” where their signal strength should be.

Verizon users have reported to the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office that they are unable to make or receive calls or text messages due to “No network” concerns.

The duration of these service interruptions is currently uncertain.

Customers were advised to take the following actions by representatives if they encounter any of these problems:

• Restart phones
• Put the phone in airplane mode for 60 seconds and then turn airplane mode off
• Go into the phone’s settings and hit network restart (note: if you go this route, you’ll have to manually reconnect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices)

Customers can contact a Verizon shop for assistance with troubleshooting if none of these methods work.


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