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New adolescent psychiatric unit at Providence Montana in Missoula



A new psychiatric unit in Missoula is opening to help preteens and teenagers, ages 12 to 17, battling mental health crises.

“We were able to create a very safe space, a space with adolescent health in mind,” Joyce Dombrouski the CEO of Providence Montana said.

The unit is located on the 4th floor of our Providence Center at 902 N. Orange Street in Missoula.

Dombrouski said for years, there weren’t enough beds for adolescents to stay at their psychiatric unit at their hospital.

“We had to often send them out of Missoula, and so if you’re a family in Missoula that makes quite frankly a difficult situation even worse,” Dombrouski said.

Thanks to help from the Providence Montana foundation, funding became available to create an adolescent psychiatric unit to bump the number of space from four patients to 14 patients.

“To be able to care for someone in your family, close in your community and then also integrate you as the family into the therapeutic care and decision making for your loved one, the physical proximity, I just can’t over emphasize that.”

In addition to helping these kids with medical intervention, a press release from Providence said the facility gives patients the opportunity to practice health strategies to cope with symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and other psychiatric diagnoses.

She added behavioral health needs have increased over time and they’re looking forward to helping preteens and teenagers in the Missoula community on their journey to healthy.

“We’re here in a way better, larger position to be able to help,” Dombrouski said.

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