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New skatepark in Hardin opened with assistance from Jeff Ament’s charitable group, Pearl Jam



Hardin, Montana – In Hardin, Montana, a new skatepark was opened on Saturday. Local children, Jeff Ament’s Montana Pool Service, the City of Hardin, and nonprofits worked together on this project.

Ament is a native of Big Sandy and a founding member of Pearl Jam. More than 30 skateparks have been built in rural areas in Montana, neighboring states, and Indian Country because to Ament’s humanitarian foundation, Montana Pool Service, which he founded.

Via release Ament said, “Growing up in a small town, two things helped form my young identity: music and skateboarding. I want to give young people a place to call their own where they can get outside with their friends and ride.”

The group claims that skateparks improve a feeling of vitality and ties throughout the community. They provide a secure environment for young people to interact, form enduring friendships, and impart important life skills.

Jeff Ament’s Montana Pool Service financing, together with the combined efforts of the city of Hardin, One Health, Youth Empowerment Support Coalition, and Evergreen Skateparks, along with additional support from The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, helped make the new Hardin Skatepark a reality.

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