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New transitional rehabilitation center at St. Johns United opens



Billings, Montana – People recovering from significant injuries and operations will be assisted in returning to their normal lives by a brand-new rehab facility inside St. Johns United.

Director of the Transitional Rehabilitation Center, Ruth Boese, tells us that “transitional care is really about getting people back to where they were before and a lot of the times it’s better than they were before because they may have been struggling at home or wherever they had been living, and so we are able to make them stronger and just be able to be more successful at home.”

Boese goes on to reveal that “unfortunately sometimes even those patients are entering the end of life or maybe declining but we are able to give them a better quality of life near the end and I think that in and of itself is super important.”

There is now one transitional care unit at St. Johns United that can accommodate 17 patients.

36 extra people will be able to receive care thanks to the new facility.

In addition to nursing care, the staff at the new Transitional Rehabilitation Center will be able to offer a variety of rehabilitation programs.

Additionally, there will be more advanced medical equipment on-site than what the north temporary care center now has.

Ten of the present patients will be moved into the new facility throughout the day on November 20, the day the new unit formally opens.

and watch for more patients to occupy the empty beds.

Director of Rehabilitation at St. Johns, Shannon Bloyder shared “Our hope for our residents here is they will leave here feeling like they have been in a place where they have been loved. Where they have been cared for.”

Bloyder went on to explain “This being a place of transient care most of our people will average between 21 to 28 days. We want them to leave here saying ‘I had the best care there was and I went home successfully.'”

The primary objective of St. Johns’ transitional rehabilitation clinics, which admit patients of all ages, is to assist people in regaining their independence and returning home in a happier and healthier state.


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