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NorthWestern Energy completing $76 million in electric system upgrade projects in the Billings area



Billings, Montana – With the $34 million Rimrock Substation renovation project from NorthWestern Energy, the area around Billings will have more capacity to meet rising electricity demand. Customers will receive increased reliability thanks to redundancy enhancement. During the renovation, NorthWestern Energy collaborated with the city of Billings to gain additional property. In 2022, work on a new substation at the location got underway.

The final stage of this intricate project entails improving transmission lines, replacing power poles, and replacing wooden power line constructions from the 1950s.

Through the summer, work will continue to finish the Rimrock Substation.

For the public’s protection as well as the safety of the upgrading employees, some traffic detours will be necessary.

Transmission line and power pole upgrades along streets, alleys, and Interstate 90 are among the other electric infrastructure projects being worked on in the Billings area this summer as part of NorthWestern Energy’s nearly $76 million in electric system upgrade projects to support the region’s population and industrial growth and increase energy service reliability for our customers. When traffic detours are required for the safety of both the general public and personnel, we appreciate the public’s cooperation and patience. Keep an eye out for signs warning of “Utility Work Ahead,” which indicate that crews are working nearby.

At, you may find more details about the Rimrock Substation Upgrade.

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