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Numerous fake $100 bills worth thousands of dollars dropped in Billings



Billings, Montana – Many drivers who were passing by the intersection of Jackson Street and Morgan Avenue on Monday morning were taken aback to discover hundreds of dollars in $100 bills lying around on the pavement and in the street.

“They were everywhere. They were just flying around,” Violet Kober, one of the drivers, said on Wednesday. “There was a whole bunch of cars pulled over and everyone was grabbing these $100 bills, and they were just lying there on the ground so I said okay, ‘I’m going to grab a few, too, myself.’”

100 to 200 $100 bills, according to Kober, were lying around.

“People were picking up handfuls of them,” Kober said.

According to Lt. Matt Lennick, the police department got a call on Monday from a resident who lives close to the location of all the bogus money. Lennick reported that about eighteen cars were collecting up the fake money when the police arrived.

“We’ve collected in total 42 (bills),” Lennick said. “They have no watermark, and the blue line is not the same as what a real hundred-dollar bill is.”

Every bill has an identical serial number, which is why the police are requesting that you report any that you find.

Lennick claims that investigators are unsure of the identity of the person who left the money behind or the possible reason. Additionally, the amount of money made or abandoned on the streets is unknown to the agency.

“I don’t know if someone was just trying to get rid of it, just trying to hide it, if someone was trying to cause us a lot of work on the back end of things,” Lennick said.

He added that anyone collecting money at this time must be informed.

Lakia Pugh works as a manager at the Heights location of Guadalajara. She explained that in a hurry, it would be simple to think the money was real, therefore it’s critical to exercise caution at this time.

“Making sure that everybody’s checking their bills when they see a hundred,” Pugh said. “It feels fake, but it, like, looks real at the same time.”


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