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“One Class at a Time” honors Bitterroot Elementary teacher



Billings, Montana – Q2, The Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools, City Brew Coffee, and Western Security Bank have partnered on “One Class at a Time.” This initiative honors educators who go above and above to support their pupils.

Introducing Dustin Martin, a fifth-grade teacher who makes sure his students feel at ease right away. He recognizes that some children find learning in a classroom full of strangers to be extremely unsettling. The final outcome? With learning, they flourish.

“My first thing is to hopefully start by building some relationships with the kids,” said Mr. Martin. “I want them to know that they’re safe. They can come to school and be safe. The second part is to learn and the third is we can have some fun while doing it. That’s the ultimate dream.”

Obviously, the intention is for his pupils to advance to the subsequent grade by the conclusion of the academic year. What does Mr. Martin want the children to remember them by?

“Hopefully, just being lifelong learners, being more responsible with their learning, and enjoying it. Finding that there’s lots of different ways to do the same thing and find the way by using the tool that’s best for them.”

Mr. Martin received two $150 gift cards from City Brew Coffee and a $500 grant from the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools, which is proudly sponsored by Western Security Bank, in recognition of his helpfulness as a teacher and positive influence on the educational journeys of numerous students. Best wishes!





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