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One year after the Fromberg floods, Yedlicka Ranch



Billings, Montana – Many Southern Montanan villages and agricultural businesses were impacted by the Historic Floods of 2022…Strong flooding this summer wiped away an irrigation ditch, fencing, and nearly 50 feet of ground from Joe Yedlicka’s Ranch. Even though he has not finished fixing everything a year later, he claimed he is now more equipped to deal with flooding calamities in the future.

The powerful floods flowing through the canal behind Joe’s business continue to erode the edge of his land this year.
Joe estimated that it would cost close to $400,000 to rip-rap his property, not including the expense of other losses.

Yedlicka claimed that FEMA money were unavailable to him since he operates an agricultural business and advised him to apply for a loan from the Small Business Administration instead. However, Joes claimed he also received financial support from a nearby bank and charitable events. He continued, “It is amazing to see how many people show up to help out where there is a need during natural disasters.”

“During that sort of a stressful time you get kind of overwhelmed and their assistance sure made it a lot easier to deal with and cope with things, so a big thank you to everyone that way.”

Joe claimed that although the worst part was past, there was still work to be done. He continued, “Yedlicka Ranch has been in his family’s name for more than 100 years, and he assures me that a little flood water will not stop his family business.”

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