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Organizations in Billings host voter forums



Billings, Montana – In order to serve the five wards of Billings and provide residents a chance to meet the candidates for the November 7th municipal general election, five forum events were held around the Magic City.

The League of Women Voters of Billings, Forward Montana, and Billings Kiwanis arranged the forums.

The president of the local League of Women Voters, Bonnie Lorenzen, says “and we decided with our three groups we could really reach a lot of the citizens in Billings and by having them in the parks we’re bringing the candidates to them. there are forums different places different formats, but we really felt like by having them in the park in the people’s neighborhood, a lot of people felt more comfortable going to that place than going somewhere else.”

Additionally, Lorenzen stated that the intention of these forums is to leave a lasting impression on people who participate.

This provides citizens with an opportunity to question their candidates on the policies and initiatives they would implement if elected to office in the city of Billings.

She said that “wherever we live, whatever cities, we’ve got these ideas of what we want to see in our city, or we’ve got these gripes about what we don’t like about our city and finding out what’s getting done and having a hand in creating that vision with your local politician, that’s, what it means to be a public servant, these are our public servants. So, we hope that they are there listening to their constitutions getting ideas from their constituents, and brining those back to city council. ”

In order to provide a welcoming and secure environment where people could voice their opinions, worries, and inquiries while debating delicate political matters, organizers worked hard to prepare the parks.

A handbook will be sent by Forward Montana to registered voters ahead of the November election, in case you were unable to attend the neighborhood voter meetings over the weekend.

Additionally, VOTE411 from the League of Women Voters of Billings provides year-round information.

Lorenzen said that the most important thing now is making sure you are registered to vote, she said that ” the big message is ‘ if you are not registered to vote, register to vote, it’s not too late. In Montana, you can actually register through 8 PM on election day. We have through the 14th for regular registration.”


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