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Robert Murray
Robert Murray reviews and edits (if necessary) all press releases for MDMH Billings. Locally focused press releases can be sent via email to and, if approved, will be published free of charge.

Leona Mills
Leona Mills is a Billings-based writer, editor and consultant. She holds a master’s degree from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from Montana State University. Leona loves to spend every single minute with her dog Archie.

Andrea Webster
Andrea started her career at MDMH Billings a while back. She has been writing for multiple online news magazines in the last couple of years. In her free time, Andrea enjoys outdoor activities and reading a good book.

Johnny Hunter
Local reporter
Johnny Hunter is an investigative local journalist, videographer and writer for MDMH Billings. Johnny works on a wide variety of topics and fields, including current events, crime, politics and more.