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Parents of the Grizzlies’ B Town Brawlers feel the Billings fame



Billings, Montana – Trevin Gradney and Junior Bergen, also known as the B Town Brawlers, are two Billings Grizzlies who have been receiving a lot of love and support from their hometown. It turns out that their parents are also benefiting from the attention and word-of-mouth that their kids are receiving as local superstars in the community.

“Yeah, it’s kind of funny, I went to pick up some food the other night, and I’m paying, and they look at the card like ‘Gradney… Are you related to Trevin Gradney of the Montana Grizzlies?’ ‘Yeah, that’s my son,’” Joe Gradney, Trevin’s father, said. “It’s cool that he’s recognized by so many people from doing what he’s doing and doing a good job at it.”

The mother of Junior Bergen, Autumn Bergen, has similar thoughts regarding her son’s accomplishments.

“I work at a local surgery center and I have tons of patients that come in, see Junior’s pictures hanging up and they just die,” she said. “I had a lady coming in, and I thought she may pass out, like ‘Oh my gosh, you’re Junior Bergen’s mom!’ So, it’s been a very cool experience.”

She clarified that she had felt amazing about all of the town’s support, including that of her bosses and coworkers.

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