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Peer-to-peer support group in Billings is being hosted by NAMI



Billings, Montana – September is almost over, and with it, the end of National Suicide Prevention Month.

In actuality, suicide prevention is essential to our community year-round.

This fall, the National Alliance for Mental Illness in Billings will be holding peer-to-peer education workshops in an effort to provide people with the chance to assist one another.

The session meets every Tuesday from 6 to 8 PM at their location at 955 Broadwater Square through October 24.

Adults in recovery from mental health disorders are the target audience for this course, which is delivered by qualified peer mentors.

“The main goal of NAMI is connections. There’s a lot of stigma and a lot of isolation. It can be really tough to have conversations to feel accepted. Even among your family members, you can feel a sense of isolation. NAMI helps break down those barriers that keep you from having meaningful relations and sometimes it is as much as just being part of a support group so you know that you are not alone.” said Allison French a NAMI volunteer.

In order to promote mental health, wellbeing, and recovery, NAMI hopes that the classes will provide a supportive, understanding, and hopeful environment.


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