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Police in Billings are looking for 2 missing girls



Billings, Montana – Police in Billings are looking for assistance in locating two missing girls.

Johanna Bigmedicine is a 13-year-old female with brown eyes and brown hair who is 5 feet 2 inches tall and 115 pounds. She was last seen wearing an orange and black pair of sports shorts, a black hood, and a black t-shirt.

11-year-old Lillian Pfeuffer has brown eyes and brown hair, is 5 feet tall, and weighs 100 pounds. She wore a blue tank top, blue knee-length shorts, red sneakers, and leopard-print glasses when she was last seen.

Between 2:30 and 5 o’clock on Friday, both girls may have been spotted in the vicinity of the Billings Public Library.

To report their sighting, dial 406-657-8200.

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