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Potential $142 million parks bond issue includes the Billings Recreation Center



Billings, Montana – Taxpayers in Billings might be asked to pay for park improvement projects.

The parks department will arrange a public hearing and put a bond resolution on the agenda of the city council’s regular meeting on July 10.

A recreation complex at Amend Park would be funded in large part by the planned $142 million bond issue.

The last significant work or new park additions were done in the 1980s.

The population of Billings is still expanding.

Nearly everywhere you turn, houses and flats are being erected, yet increased construction hasn’t resulted in more parks.

According to Mike Pigg, director of parks, recreation, and public lands for the city of Billings, “it’s a big hurdle, but it’s exciting.”

The city’s newest park, Castle Rock Park, opened in the late 1980s.

That would alter with the bond issue.

Pigg declared, “We’re going to reach out to every part of this community.” Everyone will receive something, which will significantly improve the neighborhoods’ public spaces.

A $113 million leisure center with two ice rinks and a 50-meter swimming pool would be built at Amend Park with the help of the bond and funds received from the South Billings Urban Renewal District.

According to Pigg, “that can be an economic driver, especially for restaurants, motels, and other similar businesses.” “Kids don’t show up to play hockey alone. They bring their parents and siblings, letting them know that they will be staying for the weekend and spending money while they are here.

A new pool and facility at South Park, community centers at Pioneer, Centennial, and North parks, as well as a new stagecoach trail close to Zimmerman Park, are all included in the proposal.

The main query, according to Billings resident Dustin Kell, is “how do you get it done?” How can it be done correctly without harming all of the existing residents? Is that public funds?

“I think taxpayers would be more than willing to help the kids,” remarked Billings resident Cedric Neal. “That’s going to help a lot of kids be able to be involved with activities that they can afford some time.”

Billings Police Chief Rich St. John discussed the possible role parks could play in enhancing public safety during a work session on Monday.

It strengthens the neighborhood’s sense of community, according to Pigg. “nearby is a community center and a pretty good neighborhood or park nearby. It is a draw.

Whether or not to put the $142 million bond issue up for a referendum in November will be decided by the city on July 10.

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