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Principal of Billings Senior High School retiring



Billings, Montana – Jeff Uhren, the principal of Billings Senior High School, will leave his position at the end of the 2023–2024 academic year.

“It’s been amazing getting to work here, and I’ll miss it but I need a career change,” said Jeff Uhren.

Once he retires as principal, Uhren said he intends to pursue a different career path as a local realtor.

In 1998, Uhren started working at Senior High as a math instructor. In 2005, he was appointed one of the school’s assistant principals.

“It was seamless as far as going from the classroom to administration. It has different roles and responsibilities as far as the building was concerned, but still being a part of the Senior High community.”

During the upcoming academic year, Shelli Strouf, the senior high school’s current assistant principal, will become the new principal.

Strouf acknowledged Uhren’s position as a mentor for her as she gets ready to take on the lead role.

“He had great relationships with kids. He’s all about Bronc nation and taught me the culture and how things run around here. He was really helpful to me.”

Uhren still has a lot of school pride as he gets ready to retire.

“Once a Bronc, always a Bronc,” said Uhren.

“It’s a true statement. This school is a family. It’s a community.”

In summation, Uhren said it was difficult to leave, but he was looking forward to the next phase of his career.

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