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Reactions from locals to the Bozeman dog park building plans



Bozeman, Montana – Soon, the Anderson Dog Park will undergo renovations that will make it simpler for people and their four-legged friends to run around and have fun.

Every day, according to Shae Reese and her dog Olive, they visit the Gallatin County Regional Park.

“Because my dog has too much energy,” said Reese.

Although Reese claims to love visiting the dog park, she does believe that there is a need for improvement.

“I think a pathway for people to walk would be nice for those who aren’t using the dog park,” said Reese. “It’s hard to find parking out here too.”

This summer, Reese’s fantasy is set to come true. People like her, according to the county, can get ready for a paved parking lot off Ferguson Avenue, which is located immediately south of the dog park.

Additionally constructed is a paved path along Ferguson Avenue between Oak and Baxter Lane.

The project will cost $671,250 in total. However, a $150,000 grant will assist in funding that.

The building process will start in July and go until August.

During construction, the county is warning people to exercise caution around machinery near the park. Additionally, to ensure that everyone visiting the neighborhood pays additional attention to their furry pet.

Reese expresses her excitement at the park’s improvements and anticipation for upcoming initiatives.

“A cleaner pond and maintenance of the pond would be nice if possible,” said Reese.


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