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Residents in Billings are required by the City Code to clear snow off of the walkways



Billings, Montana – In light of the severe snowfall predicted for this week, Billings Public Works has confirmed that their workload will increase as they strive to maintain clear and safe routes.

“Right now, we are out every night, we have had crews around the clock every night. With the wind that’s coming up, we’re expecting a 40 miles/hour gust, we are starting to have some drifting” said Derick Miller, the Street-Traffic Division Manager with the City of Billings.

However, he noted that it is the citizens’ responsibility to maintain sidewalks in a neat and orderly manner.

“Street and Traffic doesn’t manage any of the sidewalk’s snow removal. That’s all up to the property owners. City code says within 24 hrs. after the storm ends, they need to have the snow or slush cleared from the sidewalks,” explained Miller.

In addition, by City Code 22-406, you have the option to file a complaint with the Code Enforcement Division by phoning the Code Enforcement Clerk at 406-237-6146 or the City’s non-emergency line, 406-657-8200, if you witness someone shoveling snow from their sidewalk onto public streets or failing to clear their sidewalk.

However, the city requests that you ask your neighbor for assistance if they are unable to shovel their walk before complaining with the Code Enforcement Division.

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