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Residents of Lockwood observe a persistent problem with nearby dogs murdering their hens



Billings, Montana – Concerns have been expressed by neighbors in the Lockwood neighborhood over canines that have been attacking and killing poultry lately.

Although pets enjoy having unrestricted freedom, doing so can occasionally have fatal results. James Gokey, a resident of Lockwood, reported that his own ducks and chicks were assaulted twice.

While he acknowledges that dogs will be dogs and chickens will be chickens, he said he wishes more local pet owners would exercise responsibility and accept accountability for their actions.

“Chickens are our pets and we love our pets, and I would hate to see something happen to a dog that’s why I would never shoot a dog, but I would definitely want the owner to take accountability for their dog.” Gokey said.

Jen O’Donnell, an animal control officer with the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Department, stated that the county mandates that dogs be leashed. She states that until they are under the owner’s supervision, they are not permitted to leave the land. In Lockwood, O’Donnell continued, stray dogs are a common problem.

Some believe that shooting a dog for attacking a chicken is legal, but according to O’Donnell, you could face charges for animal cruelty as the law allows shooting a dog for attacking sheep, goats, and cows. O’Donnell stated that hens are not considered livestock under the legislation.

She went on to say that if someone witnesses an uptick in attacks on animals or unrestrained canines, they should contact animal control at 406-657-8200, as they are unable to do anything if they are ignorant.



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